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Endmill Kalakruti presents Layered Mandala WallArt. This decorative wallart is crafted with precisely laser-cut and hand-painted premium quality wooden layers to achieve such an intricate design. Each layer thickness is 2.5mm and are available in different sizes and different color options to perfectly match your interior.

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Flower mandalas are used for meditation purposes to concentrate on, as well as revealing spiritual and personal development. They are displayed as art or used in coloring books for entertainment or leisure.

This art is deeply Derived from the word Mandal, The origin of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.”
A mandala has a concentric shape, even though it is dominated by squares or triangles.
Mandalas have visually balancing elements while also symbolizing unity and harmony.
Individual mandala definitions are generally different and special to each mandala.
The mandala’s aim is to serve as a tool on our spiritual path because it represents cosmic and psychic order.

In addition, we use the mandala as a form of meditation to gain knowledge, especially the kind that exists within each of us.
Mandalas are now used for both interior and exterior purposes.
The outer (a model of the universe), the inner (to assist minds in being enlightened), and the hidden layers of meaning make up a mandala (a perfect balance of mind and body)

Each piece of art is unique as each piece of wood has unique property to absorb color/die and how it react with varnish.
Each Artwork comes with weather proof coating that will protect wood and beautiful colors for life long.
All our products comes with life time color fade out warranty.

Production steps:
Wood boards are fine sanded and laser cut. Each part is thoroughly oiled with mild oil and polished, at the end varnish is applied for durability and long life of the wood.
Now, having all parts ready, we start assembling the product.
When it is ready we pack it into nice cardboard box and send it to you.
Designed, manufactured and hand-finished in our small workshop in Anand City, Gujarat.

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Brown, Orange


24 x 17" in, 34 x 24" in, 48 x 34" in


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